Hey folks! The Writing Workshop Workshop is still set for 2 p.m. today at Olive’s on Ludlow in Clifton’s gaslight district. We’re sad that today is Olive’s last day; they’re closing to become a music venue. So one of our topics will be to discuss where to meet in the future.

Another topic today will be this past week’s Antioch Writers’ Workshop and next year’s headliners.

For newbies to the Writing Workshop Workshop, we are a friendly group where you can bring any genre of writing to learn the arts of critiquing and being critiqued. Bring seven minutes’ worth of material to read out loud and $5 for the kitty (more $ if you intend to eat). And bring a friend!

Our future meetings will most likely be August 10, September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14, pending everyone’s availability.

Mind and Matter: Interior Writing in an Exterior World

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Presented by

Wendy Hart Beckman and Tina Neyer

This one-day workshop will help you:

  • Get in touch with your inner writer,
  • Organize your thoughts,
  • Craft, mine, and polish your writing, and
  • Explore avenues for publishing.

Wendy Hart Beckman is a published author of seven books and experienced presenter on how to effectively edit and publish.

Tina Neyer is a writer and mediator working with a diverse population to aid in the telling of personal stories.

Workshop Date: Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Location: Friars Studio, 1605 Main Street in Cincinnati

Price: Only $100 for a full day of instruction and lunch

Limited to 30 people!

Box lunch provided by Venice on Vine

For more information, contact Tina at tina.neyer@gmail.com or Wendy at beckcomm@fuse.net.

Registration:$100.00 covers all instruction and lunch
Wendy Beckman and Tina Neyer are your workshop leaders.

Olive’s on Ludlow
2 p.m.
$5 for the kitty
7 minutes’ worth of material to read
It all adds up!

Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati has just hit the streets. If you want to hear a little bit about the book, check out the interview I did with Mark Perzel on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition on May 16, 2014.


Founders and Famous Families starts with a look at the geological forces that made our city the sinus capital of the world that it is, then touches upon the native peoples who were here before the European Americans started arriving from New Jersey, New York and New England. The founding families in Cincinnati have been joined by new faces and new names, but many of them still remain to become the foundational families of the future.


On Wednesday, May 28, we will be holding the official book launch at the Cincinnati Museum Center at 7 p.m. I’ll talk about Nicholas Longworth as part of their regular Insights Lecture Series in a presentation called “a Glass of Wine, a Loaf of Bread, and Wow!” The talk will be followed by Q&A and coffee reception/book signing.





The arrival of Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati is being heralded by talks at the annual “Books and Brunch” May 7 and a book launch at the Cincinnati Museum Center May 28.

After two years of research and writing, I am extremely pleased to announce that Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, Powells.com, or a local bookstore near you (like Joseph-Beth, here in Cincinnati).

And if you’re here in Cincinnati, you have two opportunities to hear me speak on topics from the book coming up in May.

First, I will be one of four featured speakers on May 7 at the “Books & Brunch” for the Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati. They’re a nonprofit that helps children and adults with educational and health “gap” needs and helps them succeed in removing themselves from abusive environments. So, given the focus of what they do, I am talking about DeHart Hubbard and his being the first African American to win an individual Olympic gold medal, then winning an Enquirer contest that gave him a full-ride scholarship to the University of Michigan and what a successful, meaningful life he had afterward. Hubbard was the great-uncle of former Cincinnati mayor and Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell.

Second, the official book launch takes place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 28, at the Cincinnati Museum Center. I will talk about Nicholas Longworth in a presentation called “A Glass of Wine, a Loaf of Bread and Wow!” The talk will be followed by Q&A and a book signing.

I did a lot of my research for the book at the Museum Center (and of course at the fantastic Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library) and the Museum Center is a wonderful, valuable resource in our community, so I am donating 5 percent of my profits to the Museum Center.

The May 28 event is free (except for $4 for parking; handicapped accessible parking is available). Wood, Herron & Evans is sponsoring a coffee reception during the book signing.

I’m supposed to be doing a book signing in June at Joseph-Beth, but the details of that haven’t been firmed up yet. Check back for more info!


From the publisher’s website:

When gazing at the city’s impressive skyline, we too often forget the notable individuals who built these grand and glittering buildings, as well as the nearby museums, parks and neighborhoods we also treasure. Reflected in the character, reputation and even design of our city, the legacy of the early settlers continues on today. Through their efforts, almost always imbued with a civic entrepreneurial spirit, they stamped their mark on our burgeoning regional reputation, while also allowing current leaders to bolster and broaden our national reputation.


Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati brings to life the founding families’ histories, sharing these intertwined and fascinating tales with readers near and far. A charming history of lives lived large — truly the Who’s Who (as well as the When and Where) of Cincinnati — that when considered together, made the Queen City the great place to live and work that it is today.



Mary Thomas Watts, writer for the “Gary Burbank Show” on WLW:

“Wendy Hart Beckman’s Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati is an enchantingly fresh, generation by generation narrative of the men and women whose dreams, hard work, governance and philanthropy built the Queen City.

Beckman’s meticulous historical research, her affection for the city she calls home, and her luminous good humor reward the reader from first page to last. Informative, inspiring, entertaining, and a whole lot of fun to boot, Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati is a must read for Cincinnati aficionados, those who live here and those who would if they only could.”


Ann Hagedorn, author of Wild Ride, Beyond the River, and more:

“Have you been to Losantiville? No? Think again. You may live there, for this was Cincinnati’s first name. And it is just one of many fascinating details unveiled in Wendy Beckman’s new book Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati. The names may be familiar but the facts are often fresh in this depiction of the Queen City’s past. Beckman not only shows us Cincinnati’s significance to the nation from the start, both culturally and economically, but she deepens our understanding of the individuals who shaped the city’s uniqueness and spurred its success. The struggles, the risks, the sacrifices, the wealth, the crises, the excitement. It’s all there. Did you know that Cincinnati’s 1813 volunteer fire department was the first in the nation, that 8,000 Cincinnatians perished in the 1849 cholera epidemic, and that 150 furniture factories once thrived in the town? It’s a good read for all of us who love Cincinnati and always want to know more.”


Now that you’re on your way to being a professional writer, do you know what you can claim as deductions? Sunday, April 27, at 2 p.m. at Olive’s, we’ll be hosting a special guest! Carol Topp, CPA, will be helping us plan ahead for doing next year’s tax returns.

We’ll still be doing our workshopping, but bring your tax questions, too! As always, come early if you want to eat from the breakfast buffet. Carol will also have copies of her fantastic book, Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, available for purchase.

CoverI love my adopted city. So I was thrilled when Clerisy Press tapped me to write a book about the people who built this great place I call home.

“So who’s in the book?” you might ask. Thanks for asking!

Well, here, let me quote myself: “When I considered whom to include in this book, two things became evident: Cincinnatians don’t stay in neat little categories such as business, fine arts, healthcare, education, or politics. The founding families might have made their mark in one area—soap, for example—but they also contributed to the welfare of their fellow Cincinnatians in other arenas (sometimes literally). And Cincinnati’s future foundational families are continuing the tradition.

So how did I choose which families to include in this book? After much mulling, I came up with a set of criteria. The founding families in this book did some combination of the following:

  • They played an important role in moving Cincinnati forward….
  • They had several members and/or generations who contributed to Cincinnati’s or Cincinnatians’ existence….
  • They had a name that modern Cincinnatians would recognize in some way, as in Nippert Stadium, Longworth Hall, or Symmes Township.
  • They were or are of national importance. William Howard Taft is perhaps the most famous Taft of his era, having served as both president and chief justice of the United States, but he was just one of many very active Tafts.

 I ignored the differences between those people who were born in Cincinnati and those who immigrated here. John Cleves Symmes was born in New York, but he would later get a charter to come here, to what was at that time the last bastion of civilization before the ‘wild’ western frontier. And that’s where our story begins.”

Did you know that the first African American to win an individual Olympic gold medal was not Jesse Owens? That honor belongs to a Cincinnatian who beat Owens’ achievement by 12 years.

Did you know that the seed for Big Brothers/Big Sisters was planted here in Cincinnati? And that family is still watching out for children generations later.

Save the date for the book launch, to be held Wednesday, May 28, at 7 p.m. at the Cincinnati Museum Center as part of their Insights Lecture Series. I’ll talk, read from the book, hold a Q&A session, and then we’ll have a book signing afterward. I am donating five percent of my profits from this book to the Museum Center, so each book you buy benefits this great Cincinnati institution.

Founders and Famous Families of Cincinnati is available for pre-order from Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells, and elsewhere. If you cannot make the book launch on May 28, keep your eyes peeled for my signing at Jo-Beth in June.


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